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Abby Artemisia
Making Herbal Tea Blends
Abby Artemisia
Wild Nutrition: a plant-centered wandering - We will work together to explore how our wellness benefits with the long-term, ritualized practice of identifying, gathering, and utilizing plant. Expect discussion and story-sharing on a broad range of concepts including phytochemicals and macronutrients, somatics and movement, connection to place, and sensory perception.
Abby Artemisia and Lorri Bura
Part 1: Making Plant Vouchers -
Abby Artemisia and Lorri Bura
Part 2: Making Plant Vouchers -
Shauna Caldwell
Connecting with Place: Lumen Printing
Jeanine Davis
Propagating and Growing Woodland Botanicals - This workshop includes a colorful presentation on how to grow popular botanicals in a forest farming setting. Designed for those who want to generate income from their efforts, but appropriate for those growing for their own use. Includes hands-on propagation demonstration and all attendees will take a potted plant home.
Doug Elliott
Medicinal Plants -- The Human Connection - Elliott will present a fun and informative PowerPoint presentation celebrating herbs, useful wild plants, and several traditional herbal teachers.
Doug Elliott & Todd Elliott
Plant Walk–Ecology, Herbs, and Mushrooms - Todd & Doug Elliott will lead us on a fun ramble focusing on the medicinal, edible, and otherwise valuable and exciting wild plants and mushrooms- their botany, natural history and folklore, and their traditional and contemporary uses. We will also pay attention to the birds, insects, and other critters that texture our outdoor experiences.
Todd Elliott
Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms of the Southeast - This talk will cover some of the basics of fungal ecology and lore. It will also go into details of identifying, harvesting and using some of the region's best edible and medicinal mushrooms.
Madelyn George
Making Lavender Your Business Valle Crucis Lavender House
Loch Hoffman & Jeff Ritchie
Rewilding and Bees
Karen Hurtubise, Fool’s Paradise Farm
Growing Ginger and Turmeric - Learn about various kinds of ginger and turmeric, plus how to grow, harvest, and maintain these plants in your home and garden in Appalachia. The Zingiberaceae family has a rich history in food and medicine worldwide and can be grown in a container, hoop house, and garden beds.
Karen Hurtubise, Fool’s Paradise Farm
Creating Value-added Products with Turmeric and Ginger - There are infinite possibilities for creating wonderful products with ginger and turmeric learn from an expert on storing and using your harvest, including dehydration, candied ginger, and turmeric spice bombs. Plus tips for bringing products to market and samples to taste. We will also cover a simple process of making the black turmeric oil infusion.
Lori Jenkins
Preserving Your Harvest, the Magic of Vinegars - Vinegar is an amazing menstruum to extract herbs' medicinal and flavorful constituents and is particularly well-suited to extract minerals from herbs. In this class, we will look at what herbs go great in vinegar, different ways to preserve herbs in vinegar, and how to incorporate them into your everyday cooking. Fire ciders, shrubs, oxymels, switchels, and so much more will be featured. We will also discuss making your vinegar at home.
Lori Jenkins
Starting a Farmers Market Herbal Business - Farmer's markets are a great first step in starting an herbal business. This class will cover what you need to prepare for selling at a local market or festival, equipment, legal actions, and so much more. You will walk away with the tools and confidence you need to provide a quality product to your local customers and protect yourself so that you can truly be successful!
Lori Jenkins
Crafting With Herbs from the Garden and the Wild - Let's gather and create for our home and health using herbs from the garden and the wild--there is beauty and healing in creating with our plant allies. We will cover methods to dry herbs to maintain their color for dried wreaths and hangings, blend a bath salt, make our saining bundles for burning, herbal pillows, and so much more.
Alexander Meander
A Landscape Cosmology
Alexander Meander
The Forager’s Garden
Justin Robinson
Keynote: Why Native Plants Aren't the Answer
Justin Robinson
Plant Walk Topic: Learning to Hear How Plants Speak
Mary Morgan Squire
Plant Walk- Plants As Allies - Anywhere we go in the world, plant allies are our elders and teachers and have so much to share with us if we slow down, observe, and appreciate them. On this walk we will meet and greet the green ones; acknowledge their varying forms of expression; use our five senses to get to know them and talk about the gifts these allies have to share with us humans.
Chris Smith
Grow This, Not That: Selecting appropriate varieties and crops for your region - Learn to garden without expensive and potentially environmentally harmful inputs. This workshop focuses on growing a more resilient food system through crop and variety selections for your local conditions as well as some simple techniques to improve varieties through seed saving.
Chris Smith
Saving and Savoring Traditional Vegetables of the South - The Utopian Seed Project explores the varietal diversity and potential of many traditional southern vegetables. Using okra and collards, you'll explore crop trialing, seed saving, culinary evaluations, community seed work, climate adaptation, and crop development through lessons that can be applied to any crop at any scale.
Larson, Sunshine Cove Farm
Growing Microgreens
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