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Mimi Hernandez

Nancy Basket


Learn how to ferment kudzu leaves for paper! Make multiple colorful sheets. They dry overnight in your room. Try flinking, painting with wet paper, flower inclusions for gift tags note cards or quilt designs. Glue dry ‘scraps’ of kudzu paper to take a piece of art with you. Stories included. 3 hrs



Split kudzu vines and fashion into a brim or hat! Perfect for herb harvesting. By measuring your own head, you will tie thin kudzu lengths into a circle and go over some and under some willy nilly. Break out of your formulaic presence and go wild. Native stories shared.

Bring clippers. 3 or 4 hrs



Use left over short pieces of kudzu to coil a bell shaped basket that bees made honey in long ago before arbitrary rules made white boxes mandatory. Traditionally made with shiny yellow rye straw, these skeps are still legal in many states and counties. Raffia binds the kudzu. Road construction areas use Rye to hold down the soil. If you find a place where you can gather the material safely, cut it at the bottom with scissors and bring it with you. 3 or 4 hrs

Scott Lite

Isabella Vicente

Marc Williams

Lorri Bura

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Fairy Walk at Dusk


Working with Nature and Intuition

Soil preparation and how to grow sustainably

Going from a hobby grower to being a business

Dr. Jeanine Davis

Issues Pertaining to Growing Hemp, Making Products, and Selling What You Produce

This is not a session on how to grow hemp. This session will be about the ever changing rules and regulations on a federal and state levels that you need to know before you start your hemp business. There are so many legal gray areas pertaining to THC levels, making products, licensing, growing under someone else’s license, who to sell to, and insurance. Do you know that a very high percentage of growers did not sell what they grew in 2018 and 2019? Before you make an expensive mistake, attend this session.


How to Grow Black Perigord Truffles!

The NC State University research and demonstration truffle orchard produced a large number of beautiful truffles this past winter. Learn what is involved in growing truffles, how long it takes, organizations to be involved in, and how to sell what you grow. There will be at least one truffle product to sample.


Growing Ginseng and Goldenseal: For the Commercial Grower or Home Gardener

Learn how to grow these two very special native plants in your woods or a shaded area that you create. Everyone will get to propagate some goldenseal to take home with them and one lucky person will take home a copy of the speaker’s book Growing and Marketing Ginseng, Goldenseal and Other Woodland Medicinals.

Alexander Meander

Jamie Swofford & Keia Mastrianni


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