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KEYNOTE WITH MIMI HERNANDEZ: BOTANICAL SANCTUARY DREAMER: The mission of United Plant Savers is to preserve, conserve and restore native medicinal plants and their habitats of the USA and Canada while ensuring their abundant, renewable supply for future generations. To this end, United Plant Savers established one of their most important projects: The Botanical Sanctuary Network, a network of sanctuaries dedicated to restoring and preserving habitat for wildlife, both plants, and animals. For the last two years Mimi Hernandez has been taking active steps toward becoming a member of the sanctuary network. Join her as she presents her journey as a new land steward to realize a dream that inspires others in the community to follow suit.

PRE-CONFERENCE: HOW TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL HERB NURSERY A two-part preconference series taught by Seth Salmon and Darsey Driver of Wildwood Herbal. $30 per participant. Friday, July 22, 2022. Part I: 2-2:50 pm; Part II: 4-5:50 pm .

CHOOSING FORAGING INSTEAD: Let's face it, gardening is a heck of a lot of work! Sometimes it seems like there's more input than output. What if you could get all your herbs from the wild, with no bed prep, seeds, weeding, or pest control? Take a walk with Abby Artemesia to see who we see growing wild that we could substitute for herbs we cultivate or buy. We'll learn plant identification skills, sustainable harvesting techniques, along with discussions on processing, storing, and medicine making.

HERBS FOR HOMESTEADERS: Whether  you’re a beginning or advanced gardener, homesteader or herbalist, there are some mainstay herbs that you can’t do without! Abby Artemesia will take what she believes to be the top herbs from her book, the Herbal Handbook for Homesteaders, and tell you why you should be growing them and how. From first aid, to spices, tea, bug repellants, and more, these herbs are essential and easy to grow. Find out how and why!

WILD HERBS FOR YOUR GARDEN: Abby Artemesia takes you on a stroll to meet the wild herbs that surround us every day. We'll learn how to identify them and their benefits for us, our loved ones, and communities. We'll pay special attention to their habitats and discuss encouraging or growing them on the land where we live. 

GROWING CHINESE HERBS: NC State University research associate, Margaret Bloomquist, has been growing demonstration and research beds of Chinese medicinal herbs for over a decade. She will present popular species, bring samples to show, and share how to grow them in our Southern environment.

MAKING PLANT VOUCHERS: For positive identification purposes for buyers or as an art form, knowing how to make plant vouchers is a skill all herbalists should have. Lorri Bura of Green Heart Gardens and Margaret Bloomquist of NC State University will teach this hands-on workshop and you will go home with a plant voucher!

GROWING WOODLAND BOTANICALS AT HOME: Having a personal medicinal shade garden filled with black cohosh, blue cohosh, Solomon’s seal, goldenseal, and maybe even a little ginseng can be a reality. NC State University professor, NCHA advisor, and author Jeanine Davis will teach you how and offer a little hands-on propagation experience so you can take a plant home.


MEDICINAL BERRIES AND ANTHOCYANINS: Immerse yourself in the amazing world of medicinal berries in this colorful and engaging workshop taught by our Keynote Speaker, Mimi Hernandez. We will explore an assortment of different herbal berries and study their healing potential while learning the latest research about anthocyanins and their impressive regenerative and antioxidant properties. 

PRICKLY PEAR CACTUS: MEDICINE AND FOOD: The cactus, renowned in Mexican culture and cuisine, grows wild in North Carolina. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to harvest, process and use cactus pads and prickly pear fruits in your kitchen. Mimi Hernandez tells the story of their medicine while sharing kitchen recipes along with tips on caring for a cactus stand.


RUE ROSE AND RESIN: These herbs are sacred and revered in Latin American Folk Healing and beyond and Keynote Speaker Mimi Hernandez will share their incredible properties. We will explore the incense resins of Sangre del Drago (Dragon's Blood) and Copal, the protection of old world Rue herb, and the healing enchantments of Rose blossoms. Learn the ethnobotany of these healing plants, peoples, and traditions and come away with new affirmations in healing.

HERBS AND SPICES AND HOW TO USE THEM: Herbalist Brenda Huffman will provide an overview of a variety of herbs and how to use them in your everyday cooking. Each person attending the class will receive a free herbal spice jar (that they will make in class with the herbs & spices of their choice) to take home with them. Additionally, they will receive a herb & spice chart on how to use many herbs in the kitchen. Extra herb & spice jars will be available for purchase for $3.00.

GROWING MEDICINAL HERBS ON A LARGE SCALE: Learn from Pangaea Plants founder Gabe Noard practical advice on the best herbs to grow on a large scale and how to make  income with them. Ideas based on 1-10 acres, including field requirements, varieties, and business ideas.