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Our roots were planted when herbalism was still a bit of a fringe activity and the most commonly known herbs consisted of a hand full of culinarys. In February of 1986, 240 people attended the first annual meeting for a day of presentations on growing and using herbs and discussions on the future direction of the association. In 1987, the association became an official non-profit organization, adopted bylaws, and filed articles of incorporation. The first Wild Herb Weekend was held at the Valle Crucis Conference Center in July of 1988 and continues in the same location to the present day. In 2016, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of Wild Herb Weekend.


Current members are passionate about herbs and joyfully share their knowledge of how to identify, grow, use, respect, study, and celebrate herbs of all kinds. Over half of the members are not business owners or commercial producers, but are fondly referred to as “herbal enthusiasts.” The close interaction of business owners, scientists, educators, and hobbyists is beneficial to all.


NCHA is the herbal community for North Carolina and even boasts membership from surrounding states. There is no substitute for Wild Herb Weekend and the opportunity to learn from the teachers, colleagues, and friends. As we continue to stretch our branches, we are excited to be in a time where knowledge of herbal species, actions, and products is becoming increasingly well known, sought after, and shared.


The N.C. Herb Association (NCHA) is a state commodity group designed to support the herbal economy through education and research.