NCHA is run by a board of dedicated volunteers who are voted on each year at our annual meeting, Wild Herb Weekend (WHW). Voting is open to all current members. Serving on the board is a great way to be more involved with NCHA! If you are interested in learning more about serving on the board, please contact Camille Edwards.

2017-2018 Board

Executive Committee:

President: Renee Garner*

Vice-President: Mena Killough*

Secretary: Ashley Masters*

Treasurer/Counsel:Meg Wood

Historian: Available

* Pending formal vote - Oct 2018

Executive Director: Camille F. Edwards


Board Members (year elected to board

Renee Garner (2016)

Jo Covington Harashima (2016)
Stacey Costner (2015)

Pamela Leonard (2015)
Meg Wood (2015)

Mena Killough (2017)
Gabriel Noard (2018)
Ashley Masters (2018)


Jeanine M. Davis

Bill Glenn
Dorita Boyd
Margaret Shelton
Laura Denyes*

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We depend on your feedback to improve the N.C. Herb Association and help it to better serve you! 


Camille Edwards:

Renee Garner: