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Memorie King Scholarship

More About Memorie at this link

Purpose: The Memorie King Scholarship is made possible by a generous gift from Loch Hoffman, Memorie's husband and life partner, of Burke County, N.C. The purpose of this gift is to encourage and support North Carolinians who own a business based on both the healing and culinary properties of plants (herbs) and believe that attending Wild Herb Weekend will only serve to enhance their work.


Anne Memorie King, born January 24, 1955, daughter of the late Bruce Rowan King, Jr. and Shirley Quinn King of Richmond, Va, left this world to join her spiritual sisters in faith on January 8, 2014.

Memorie served as a board member of NCHA. Both she and Loch operated a Community Supported Agriculture organization in Burke County. In addition she supplied herbs and fruits to individuals and businesses in Western, N.C. Memorie earned a B.S. from N.C State University in Wildlife studies with honors. She was a systematic botanist and a passionate wildcrafter. More than anything she was in love with nature; the mountains and the ocean and everything in between. She was an accomplished diver and climber. 

Loch writes: There are two kinds of people; those as you know them better your love increases and those familiarity with lessens their attractions. Memorie King was the ne plus ultra of the first group. There were people she avoided but no one with whom she fought. She had no enemies but went through life gathering friends. Indeed her radiant self-confidence made her a leader despite herself but only by example as an aside to her modest quest to accomplish...

Applicants – Criteria for Application

Recipients will be chosen through a review committee. 

  • Be a business owner in North Carolina

  • Business must produce natural products that meet NCHA’s outline of business membership/owners – that of making and using only natural products that are plant related and/or the growing of herbs both culinary and medicinal

  • Or, be a student of a North Carolina herbal educational institution which meets guidelines as specified by the American Herbalist Guild


The recipient will be awarded a weekend stay at Wild Herb Weekend and/or a NCHA sponsored Conference of our choice. It will also be required that the recipient serve 1-year term as a volunteer on the Board of NCHA on an as-needed basis.


To be eligible to apply for the Memorie King Scholarship, you must meet the below listed criteria:

Provide a written essay about you and your business prior to May 31, 2019 which include the below information about yourself and business or future plans as a student. 

(Email to Camille@ncherbassociation.org)

Demonstrate a need for financial assistance
Individual determination to succeed 
Future goals and plans to achieve them
Ability to communicate the hardships you have overcome or currently face


One recipient will be chosen for Wild Herb Weekend 2019.