Wild Herb Weekend 2020

Macrocosm/Microcosm: A worldview of herbalism

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Ready for Wild Herb Weekend 2020? The Saturday night Wild Herbs Feast is back with Chef Jamie Swofford. Mena Killough will once again prepare herb-infused mocktails and cocktails, and we'll continue the tradition of live music around the campfire. Our course descriptions are coming in, but here's a taste to whet your Wild Herb appetite. 


Ethonobotanist Marc Williams, Executive Director of Plants and Healers International, is a favorite among Wild Herb Weekend attendees. Marc teaches plant identification through plant walks, a history of plant constituents through the lens of the people who traditionally used them, and 


Nancy Basket will teach hands-on crafting courses, using kudzu as a source for creativity. From basket weaving to papermaking, Nancy is nationally known for her masterful craft and will use her skills to lead courses at Wild Herb Weekend. 

NC State's Dr. Jeanine Davis has a handful of classes for both growers and the businessperson. Jeanine has insight into Issues Pertaining to Growing Hemp, Making Products, and Selling What You Produce, a course that covers the ever-changing regulations around running a hemp business. Learn what is involved in growing black Perigord truffles, and Growing Ginseng and Goldenseal: For the Commercial Grower or Home Gardener, a popular topic for all levels of plant enthusiasts. 

Renowned Herbalist Jeannie Dunn, Director for Asheville-based Red Moon Herbs, will teach hands-on courses in the Wise Woman tradition, including how to make wildcrafted herbal vinegars, whole plant medicine, and year-round enjoyment of wild foods.


Interested in starting an herbal business? Organic herb farmer Lorri Burra lead a course on how to go from a hobby grower to being a business with practical, first-hand knowledge. Lorri will also lead courses on Nature and Intuition, and Organic Soil Preparation for the Grower and Farmer.

Stay tuned for a full list of courses and teachers, coming soon!